Excellent Video Services

Accurate Sewer Line Location and Diagnosis

Video service is the fastest and most accurate way to diagnose sewer line issues. When you choose Adams Plumbing & Drain Co, you'll get experienced, line location service personnel who will help find and fix the problem. You can always rely on our knowledgeable team to give you an honest assessment, an accurate estimate, and a reasonably priced solution.

We can install or upgrade grease traps and interceptors! Contact us today!

Quick Sewer Line Repair Services

  • Sewer line location
  • Video sewer inspections
  • Locate problems in line
  • Repair or renew lines
  • Smoke and pressure testing for plumbing problems

Professional Plumbing and Sewer Services

Don't let just anyone handle your sewer problem. Count on the team with nearly half a century of experience at Adams Plumbing & Drain Co. No matter what kind of plumbing assistance you need, you'll have access to our professional team. Call today for a quick, easy over-the-phone estimate or to discuss your issue in more detail.
For prompt and quality sewer repairs, call us at 

“Adams Plumbing came to my
rescue in a hurry. The dispatchers were so nice. They sent a tech to help me at very short notice. He got the job done in no time and I will always remember that. I will recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in a plumbing

-Linda G.

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